"Not without us" was launched in 2017 to promote the integration of gender justice in international climate politics and within the global climate justice movement. The aim of this project is to support selected activists and gender experts from environmental groups and women's organizations from Ecuador, South Africa and Indonesia in their attempts to connect local struggles for climate and gender justice with the UNFCCC process, enabling networking with other actors. At the same time, as 'multipliers' they will be able to translate the international climate discourse back into their own organizations and local contexts.

Key activities within "Not without us":

  • Webinar: "From global to local, linking climate & gender justice struggles to the UNFCCC" On April 20, the project got underway with a webinar hosted by GenderCC and LIFE e.V. The speakers were Ndivile Mokoena (South Africa), Melissa Moreano (Ecuador), Dinda Nuur Annisaa Yura (Indonesia), and Patricia Bohland (Germany), with Nanna Birk (Germany) providing an input on gender advocacy within the UNFCCC, and Kate Cahoon (Australia/Germany) as facilitator. The discussion focused on how their work is connected to the global climate movement and the international climate negotiations, as well as how this space can be used to promote climate justice and gender justice.
  • Capacity building workshop: Linking gender and climate justice to the UNFCCC process On 7 May, 2017 GenderCC and LIFE e. is hosting a capacity building workshop on how to link struggles for gender and climate justice to the UNFCCC process. The workshop takes place a day ahead of the forty-sixth Session of the Subsidiary Bodies in Bonn. Gender and climate justice activists from different parts of the world will come together in this workshop and develop strategies for linking their work on the ground to the international climate negotiations. The workshop is open for a limited number of external participants
  • Preparation and participation in the SB46 session in May and the COP23 in November in Bonn, Germany.
  • Online exchange, knowledge-sharing and capacity building via the GenderCC Global Learning Platform.

The project is a cooperation between LIFE e.V. and GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice. It is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung with funds of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany.


LIFE e.V. is admitted by the Conference of Parties as observers to the UNFCCC and has been evolved in the context of the international climate negotiations (UNFCCC) for many years now. LIFE is an active member of the Women and Gender Constituency, one of the nine stakeholder groups of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

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